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Would you like more information about Priema, or do you have any manufacturing or service questions? Please complete the form or contact us at our main office in Hoevelaken, at (+31)(0)33-2536804.

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Priema Metaalwarenfabriek (NL)

Zuiderinslag 22 | 3871 MR Hoevelaken
Postbus 33, 3870 CA Hoevelaken
Phone: (+31)(0)33-2536804
Telefax: (+31)(0)33-2535624

Priema Cetra BV (NL)

De Nieuwe Haven 10 | 7772 BC Hardenberg
Postbus 45, 7770 AA Hardenberg
Phone: (+31)(0)523-281100
Telefax: (+31)(0)523-281101

Břeclav Production (CZ)

Břeclav Production s.r.o.
Bratislavská 2939
CZ-69002 Tsjechië
Phone: (+42)(0)519325000

Terms of sale

All offers and agreements regarding deliveries and/or services to be delivered by us are subject to the general terms of sale and delivery for the technology industry, as filed by the FME-CWM Association with the clerk of the District Court in the Hague. Terms to the contrary are expressly rejected.