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Intercell is a space-saving, low-profile floor management system for dealing with technical constraints organizing cabling from computers, printers and other equipment tidily below the floor. It’s also highly effective for underfloor heating and central heating.

Its simple construction consists of upright pedestals, floor-boxes to house the cables and connectors with floor panels on top to form the floor, providing a solid, stable surface for carpet tiles.

All Intercell products are made from cold-rolled sheet steel. The steel base elements consist of 100% recyclable material.

Intercell is quick and easy to install, and requires no drilling. And once it is in position, workspace refurbishment or reorganization is much simpler and less disruptive than with other cable management systems or traditional raised access flooring.

Meet the Intercell products

Floor panels

The floor panels are made of 2.0 mm galvanized sheet metal.

Available in the size 500x500mm (4 pieces per m2).

Acrylic dispersion

Acrylic dispersion adhesive serves for gluing the supports to the floor.

Mega screws

Mega screws are galvanized and provide the corner connection of the floor plates to the floor supports.

Floor support

The floor supports (also called pedestals) are made of 0.65mm galvanized sheet metal.

Available in 4 heights (38, 58, 88 and 108mm).

Total system heights 40, 60, 90 and 110mm.

Dimensions 500x500mm (4 pieces per m2).

Special Floor panels

Various special floor plates and access panels are available for cable entry purposes.

Manufactured from 2.0mm galvanized sheet steel, size 500x500mm.

The access panels have a size of 250x250mm and are available in various types.


Various floor boxes are available for electricity and data connections to furnish workplaces in office spaces.

Pre-assembled metal floor boxes are available and polycarbonate floor boxes are self-configurable.

Various accessories are available.

The Intercell pedestal system allows you to arrange cables or other services under the floor in a wide range of configurations. As well as making cable management easier, neater and more economical, Intercell is ideal for underfloor heating and central heating.

The Intercell pedestal system allows you to arrange
cables or other possible applications
under the floor in a wide range of configurations.

Changing a space is simple too: the 500 x 500mm floor panels are easy to remove for re-cabling.
This allows for fast and simple access to a variety of floor boxes for data, power and communication connections.

Intercell is a lightweight system, adding no more than 22kg/m2 to the building structure.

You can lay any carpet or PVC tiles over Intercell.
After completing the installation of Intercell your floor design is quick and straightforward.

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